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Today marks opening season for the Aleutian geese.  It starts like this, 4:30 a.m. Humboldt county sheriff comes done to lay out 200 goose decoys in the dark and very muddy field.  Second, you lay motionless for four hours while 20,000 geese fly over you in favor of the neighbors field just 300 yards away.  Frustrated you collect your decoys, and head home.  30 minutes later the flock is spooked from the neighbor back to where the hunters had just left.  60 minutes later they are off and looking for the next grazing land to devore.  One thing is certain, they will be back.  But for the next three weeks, its a bad time to be a goose in Humboldt county.


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Spring has sprung on Cannibal Island.  Baby goats everywhere!  Valentine’s day was the biggest day so far with 10 new babies.  But as I understand it, many more on the way.   At last count, and it seems to change hourly there were 22 new babies.  Two mama’s had triplet does which is outstanding!  They are in the top 10% Presidents Club!  Geese come in by the hundreds.  Today a huge flock of about 5000 birds landed in the pasture.  Quite a sight and what a noisy bunch!  The neighbors cannon’s go off hourly to discourage the flying pigs from staying in one place to long.  They are very destructive to grassland.  They pull the grass up root and all and fly away leaving a muddy grass-less mess.  Last year,  bird watchers counted over 50K in a single flock.

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