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 Ideal weather for aging cheese

Optimal range of temperature is between 45º and 55º F. and should remain as constant as possible.
To obtain this consider:
• Location of cave … On the North side will exclude solar gain problems
• Frost line … Building below grade will use cooler earth temps for cooling
• Insulation of walls and ceiling … To isolate from other heated space
• Opening of doors … How much traffic in and out of the cave
• Heat generated from motors, lights, etc.
• Heat is released from cheese as it ages … The more cheese you are ripening the greater this consideration becomes
• Use of artificial heating and cooling units
• Artificial heating and cooling back-ups
Relative Humidity (RH%):
Optimal range of humidity is between 85% and 95%.
To obtain the above consider:
• Permeability of walls
• Humidifiers that do not produce steam as well as a proper hygrometer to monitor this
• Availability of clean cold water … A source for increasing humidity
Cannibal Island Creamery – Capt. Crottin


Weather for Cannibal Island

Jan Feb Mar Apr May Jun Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Avg. High 55° 57° 57° 58° 62° 65° 68° 68° 70° 66° 58° 54°
Avg. Low 38° 40° 41° 44° 46° 50° 52° 52° 50° 47° 44° 38°
Mean 47° 48° 50° 51° 54° 58° 60° 61° 60° 57° 52° 47°
Avg. Precip. 8.3 in 6.7 in 7.1 in 3.5 in 1.3 in 0.4 in 0.1 in 0.4 in 0.9 in 3.1 in 7.7 in 8.5 in

This is exciting as our proximity to the ocean and the constant on-shore breeze the temps could easily be two degrees lower on Island meaning very little artificial cooling (smaller carbon footprint) will be needed for aging in the cave.  We will have it covered and located to maximize the sunlight conditions for the warmest months of the year.  Humidity will need to be closely controlled.  We are fortunate to get on average 8.5″ of rainfall per year.  Add the river and ocean and we are very humid.  Ventilation and circulation will be required to maintain optimal conditions for aging.


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